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Call for Contribution

After the tremendous success of open source software, today, open source hardware is becoming an important topic both for industry and academia. This workshop is organized by the consortium of the OPENNEXT project (funded under grant agreement no. 869984).


All the main contributors of this emerging field agree on the fact that the phenomenon has been possible thanks to the conjunction of two main technological factors that are, on the one hand the democratisation of digital manufacturing and fab labs or hacker spaces and, on the other hand, the democratisation of social networks and digital collaboration through the internet. 

However, today, OSH as a scientific object is still understudied. The characterization of participation, motivations, the organization and the processes, all this is still at a preliminary stage. Despite some promising research work or the creation of organizations such as OSHWA or P2P Lab, the phenomenon remains widely unknown. Open source is a radical way to conceive the creation, production and use of services and goods, in a sustainable way, therefore it challenges the tradition industrial domain in a positive way and the articulation of business models and value creation is a real question today for OSH players.


-       Models and methods for OSH design

-       Business models for OSH products

-       IT tools and software for OSH development

-       Case studies of OSH projects

-       Analysis of emerging practices

-       Sustainability of OSH production model

-       Frugal innovation and open design

-       IP issues of OSH

Aim and Philosophy

This workshop aims at gathering all the stakeholders that are making research, or practitioners that are looking for some understanding of what’s happening there to join and share the piece of knowledge they have.  Through roundtables and presentations, we aim at creating a forum where we can debate all together freely and openly.

We are calling for extended abstracts as a basis for preparing the discussion. Only high quality contributions will be considered. After the workshop we will open a call for contribution to a thematic collection of the Design Science Journal. Participants to the workshop wil be invited to contribute to this issue by proposing full papers to the journal's evaluation stream.


After the workshop we open a thematic collection on the Design Science Journal ( and call for full papers submission from the workshop participants.


Local organizing committee

Chair:  Jean-François Boujut (G-SCOP, Grenoble INP)


Philippe Marin (G-SCOP, Grenoble INP)

Franck Pourroy (G-SCOP, University Grenoble Alps)


Registration fees: 115 € 

The fees include lunch, coffee breaks and evening event.

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